We Help Brands Transition
from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

Which begs the question, “What’s Web 3.0?” Rest assured, it’s much more than NFTs (although they will play a bigger role as they evolve). It’s also not going to be limited to Zuckerberg’s META (not for his lack of trying!)Instead of boring tech explanations defining metaverses, NFTs, and their potential, note what is already happening.

- Legendary ski resort Vail has a “digital twin”- a virtual Vail to remotely see slope conditions, track weather, and automate ski-environment optimization
- Nike is creating an online retail space to sell branded digital shoes and apparel
- Fortnite, which grew to 350m users by being playable on any device, and letting users create their own gaming environments, now holds virtual concerts with the likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott performing
- Buyers of Superworld’s virtual versions of Mt. Rushmore, the Eiffel Tower, and other famous properties share the profits generated by digital visitors
- Ford is remotely training technicians to maintain electric vehicles with interactive models viewed on VR headsetsIn short, Web 3 is already locking new modes of interaction + value creation, evolving in a continuum as you read this.

Those who think Web 3.0 only means scam NFTs and nerds in headsets, are like last-century folk who thought the Internet was only for geeks.
Cross Verse remembers when companies wondered if they needed a website. We know organizational tech transformation is neither easy nor one-size-fits-all. So we’re dedicated to empowering companies to make the transition to Web 3.0 seamlessly, scalably, and cost-effectively.

Where We Are – At the Overlap

Web 3.0 as an industry has three domains:
1. Marketplaces/platforms looking to dominate a niche
2. Tech-forward users, rewarded for content creation & other participation
3. Brands & businesses exploring digital value creation

Cross Verse helps brands & businesses find their place and create value in the overlap.

How We Create Value in the Overlap

The key questions for each domain that will determine their success:
Platforms – how do we drive use and adoption of our Web 3.0 environment?
Users – how do we trust such environments and get rewarded?
Businesses – how do we find our profitable fit in Web 3.0?

Currently, new platforms are trying to be monopolistic Facebooks and Amazons of Web 3.0, which is contrary to what makes Web 3.0 “the next big thing”. And only the most tech forward users have any idea how to participate for fun and profit in Web 3.0 environments.

We believe larger brands & businesses, with their established user bases and value creation verticals, will be the engine to drive Web 3.0 evolution and adoption. By working primarily with large brands and businesses, Cross Verse will:
- provide metaverse and NFT solutions customized for proven, economically viable models -help those brands and businesses provide a seamless user journey for their customer bases
- connect those brands and businesses to extant platforms for win-win scenarios

Cross Verse’s secret sauce is baked into its executive suite:
Besides currently developing cutting edge Web 3.0 projects,
CTO C.C. Tsai holds legendary status as a developer and integrator of global enterprise platforms, with a proven reputation for delivering cutting edge apps & platforms on-time and within budget.

CMO Ken Wong has a digital agency which includes a stable of reputable artists, has worked with a who’s who of global fashion brands, and is currently executing comprehensive campaigns for next-gen NFTs.

In other words, Cross Verse is uniquely positioned to provide workable Web 3.0 solutions for large orgs who want to lead the way, integrate those solutions into their marketing/sales stack, and connect them to Web 3.0 platforms synergistically.