The Metaverse – Anyone’s Game

The Metaverse piece of Web 3 requires both imaginative and practical assessment, as well as a look at the still-obscure, but flourishing ecosystem. Resultant learnings will guide you along the decision tree to whether you should build a separate, self-contained (but connectable) metaverse, or take a stake on one of the many established and growing metaverses already gaining significant traction. It’s important to think beyond creating a “storefront” as your metaverse use case. Think about the kind of mutually rewarding experiences you can create for your customers, in a 3D interactive, “video game” context, in which content is the platform you build together, with evolved new takes on traditional use cases: 

  • Customized, real-time product development & surveys, gamified, with instant, transferrable incentives
  • Empowered brand ambassadorship: power-users & KOLs can build their own 3D stake on your platform
  • Ongoing 3D digital events: festivals, collabs, stakeholder town halls, and more, with NFT tickets that become assets

The opportunity set is limited only by your vision. Current metaverses, however, usually reveal either extremely elaborate or relatively niche examples:

  • BMW’s digital twin plant, where live stress-testing of prototypes, systems training, and other previously on-site processes can be delivered remotely
  • Gaming-focused platforms, for small, tech-forward teams to co-create a network effect and drive new users to their fledgling products

With its position at the hub of Web 3.0, and top-tier talent, Cross Verse is well-suited to advise on the best way forward. Remember that our mission is to help companies transform their Web 2 capabilities to Web 3, scalably. That means step-by-step, modular, and risk-managed by virtue of both data and expertise. As an example of walking our talk, we can build you a first-step metaverse without all the blockchain integration, one that launches right from the browser on your existing site, in weeks, not months.