NFTs – Beyond Digital Art

The first NFTs have been overpriced, and generally for a small group of early enthusiasts. Then again, so were the first automobiles.

To start brainstorming how NFTs can add value to your organization, consider these two axioms:
1.Things existing only online can have unique, quantifiable, monetizable, tradeable value.
2.The essence of NFT value is not in what digital form it takes, but rather in its underlying technology, making it ownable, programmable, and exchangeable.

Whether you want to:

  • Leverage the trend of branded digital wearables and individualized art
  • Pre-sell rights to buy an upcoming limited edition product
  • Create a ticket for an event that automatically pays providers and grants unique event access according to price level-grant advertising or ownership rights to defined areas of your digital ecosystem, including your online community or metaverse

…NFT technology empowers these and other forms of digital value creation.
As former CTO of one of the world’s largest digital exchanges,
CC Tsai has the experience and resources to deploy the underlying technology to ensure your NFTs execute in a failsafe manner.

Ken Wong leverages artistic resources, such as his studio of well-known artists, as well as extensive experience in multi-channel digital campaigns, to ensure your NFT project is on brand, and clicks with your existing marketing/sales stack, while offering all ancillary support necessary, such as community management.