The Blockchain – Forget Rich Quick

Without the hype, blockchains are just ledgers – spreadsheets. Yes, they can record information automatically, and permanently, without third party administration. So that can be an efficiency, a plus. 

But not a necessity.

True, the foundational technology of Web 3.0 is blockchain-based, to empower the kind of decentralization that allows users, not Zuckerberg, to profit from their participation. 

Your organization can tap into that decentralized, user-empowering technology. Or not. Or just a bit. You certainly don’t necessarily need your own blockchain, or token. Nor do you have to make a decision whether to build on Ethereum or Polkadot right out of the gate. In fact, a good partner can bake the blockchain and network pieces (the “Layer 1 & 2” components of Web 3.0) right into your solution, if they’ve taken the time to map your potential use cases and goals. 

Cross Verse can not only do that, but even bypass that tech, to get you started leveraging Web 3 benefits. It’s about what you decide works best for your organization on its digital transformation journey. And what works best is usually small steps, to start.